PCAT Biology Practice Questions

1. Which of the following hormones is secreted by the pineal gland?

A: gastrin
B: aldosterone
C: parathyroid hormone
D: melatonin

2. What is the name for the valves located in between the atria and ventricles on either side of the human heart?

A: atrioventricular valves
B: semilunar valves
C: tricuspid valves
D: mitral valves

3. Which of the following cell theories is NOT true?

A: The fundamental unit of life is the cell.
B: Cells may arise spontaneously.
C: Every living thing consists of cells.
D: The genetic information carried by a cell is in the DNA.

4. Which of the following is NOT part of the small intestine?

A: duodenum
B: rectum
C: jejunum
D: ileum

5. Which of the following eye conditions is caused by an irregularly-shaped cornea?

A: cataract
B: glaucoma
C: myopia
D: astigmatism

Answer key

1. D. Melatonin is believed to control the circadian rhythms of the body.
2. A. These valves prevent blood from flowing back into the atria.
3. B. Cells may only come from already-existing cells.
4. B. The rectum is the part of the large intestine in which feces is briefly stored before being expelled.
5. D. An astigmatism can result in distorted or obstructed vision.

Last Updated: 06/14/2014