PCAT Quantitative Practice Questions

1. Factor: x2 + 2xy + y2

A: x2 + y2
B: 4x2y2
C: x(x + 2)
D: (x + y)2

2. What is another name for lines that have the same slope?

A: perpendicular lines
B: parallel lines
C: diagonal lines
D: equal lines

3. Solve: a/5 = 4/20

A: 4
B: -1
C: 1
D: -4

4. If the average of a set of six numbers is 72, what is the sum of the set of numbers?

A: 432
B: 420
C: 456
D: Cannot be determined from the information given

5. Find the slope of 8x + 6y = 24.

A: 4
B: 3/4
C: -4/3
D: -3

Answer key

1. D. This is an example of a polynomial that is a square of a binomial.
2. B. Parallel lines will have slopes with common magnitude and direction.
3. C. A proportion such as this one can be solved by cross-multiplying and then solving for the variable.
4. A. The sum of a set of numbers can be found by multiplying the average by the number of members in the set.
5. C. The equation for finding slope is y = mx + b, in which m is slope.

Last Updated: 06/14/2014