PCAT Test Review

Although the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) is meant to be at an undergraduate level, most candidates will want to review the basic material to be covered before sitting for the exam. Indeed, even those candidates who have learned all of the appropriate material in their college courses are benefited by a brief review session. The appropriate means of reviewing for the PCAT will vary by subtest. To prepare for the Writing subtests, students may want to practice composing brief persuasive essays on both scientific and non-scientific subjects within the required time constraints.

For the Biology, Chemistry, and Quantitative Ability subtests, students should review the specific content that will appear on the PCAT: general biology; microbiology; human anatomy and physiology; general chemistry; inorganic chemistry; basic math; algebra; probability and statistics; precalculus; and calculus. It may be useful for students to practice answering a certain number of multiple-choice questions on these subjects in a certain amount of time, to prepare for the time requirements on test day. In order to prepare for the Verbal Ability subtest, candidates may want to review lists of common vocabulary, remembering that the words found in this subtest will not be scientific jargon. In particular, students may want to familiarize themselves with the structure of the analogy exercises.

Finally, candidates may prepare for the Reading Comprehension subtest of the PCAT by reading and considering some short scientific journal articles. The six passages in this subtest will be examples of technical scientific writing, a genre which has its own conventions. Candidates will want to be skilled at analyzing and evaluating such texts before sitting for the PCAT.

Last Updated: 06/14/2014