PCAT Test Verbal Ability Practice Questions

Directions: Choose the word that best completes the analogy.

1. devout : blasphemous :: uninhibited :

A: salacious
B: judicious
C: libertine
D: constrained

2. janitor : mop :: painter :

A: brush
B: rake
C: ladder
D: gristle

3. chief : tribe :: executive :

A: business
B: vigor
C: legislate
D: guardian

Directions: Choose the word or set of words that makes the most sense when inserted into the sentence and that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

4. You can just make out the shapes of the rocks on the bottom of the ______ river.

A: limpid
B: gradient
C: fatuous
D: translucent

5. Dave finally found the photographs, after hours spent _____ through drawers.

A: cavorting
B: haggling
C: rummaging
D: divagating

Answer key

1. D. Devout and blasphemous are opposites, as are uninhibited and constrained.
2. A. A mop is one of the tools used by a janitor, while a brush is one of the tools used by a painter.
3. A. A chief is the leader of a tribe, while an executive is the leader of a business.
4. D. Something that is translucent can barely be seen through.
5. C. Another word for digging through a bunch of loose material is rummaging.

Last Updated: 06/14/2014